Rankings idea

Idea for rankings
The rankings in their current form are in the form of messages. Not to mention - they mix a bit with news about active missions.
My idea is to add the Rankings button to the main options (e.g. under the store). Additionally, due to the fact that player rankings already exist - they could be combined.

(*Concept image)

Activity rankings would appear in the Squadrons & Players tab.
In the Challenges/events tab - obvious - challenge/events rankings (segregated daily, weekly, Space Race).
In the You tab - moved player rankings.

All this change would introduce readability to rankings, but also create a kind of hub in the game, which you can visit for quick, clear information.
It will also give the opportunity to easily implement new rankings.

I also thought about creating something similar for active challenges, but I don’t know if it would take on.

What do you think about it?

  • It could be good if it was added
  • Nope. Not needed in the game

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I’ve been thinking on how to organize these community UHF results for a while. An overhaul is coming. I just need to work out how it’ll be presented in the UI.


After clicking on a rankings message, there could be a short message such as ‘Greetings recruits, these are the rankings’ etc, and the how about 3 tags (like on chrome) at the top? One could click one of them to see the leaderboards and it would also be compact.

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