Ranked in Chicken Invaders

Like any online game in this world. Chicken Invaders Universe should have Ranked mode too. Ok how does it work? When you play ranked you should fight Chickens on hardest mode and this option is primary Can’t be changed in the ranked. When you complete missions you get points after each victory and you go to higher level

Single Ranked mission Waves : 40 Waves
Bosses in the single wave : 4

When you play Ranked for the first time you will think that is so easy. Nah!!! When you rank up the game becomes hard!

Ranked levels :

1000 to 2000 Tin
2000 to 3000 Bronze
3000 to 4000 Silver
4000 to 5000 gold
5000 to 6000 Platinum
6000 to 7000 Diamond

When you win you will get about 10 - 40 points.

NOTE (READ THIS CAREFULLY) : Don’t think that getting points are so easy after you loss at least one live you will loss one point.

And the best player is who gets highest ranked level, but when you lose mission you will lose points that you will level up your rank by them

When new season begins Top 5 best player will get 10K keys as a reward, and casual players will earn about 676 keys, depends on how many points did you earn in last season.

The system should be available for CHL owners and casual players. (All players)

Good luck!

no these are alot that will make it easier for getting the key medal


And key packs will become completely useless.


I don’t focus here on keys pack. I focus on rank

i know but 100K is alot

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1K or 10K is ok

Ironman Competition (Only available for CHL owners) has the most key reward, which is 900 keys. I don’t support more key rewards for the new challenge.

Only 5 best diamond players will get this amount of keys.

In the ranked it won’t be considered as an award getting them yourself is considered

meh, rewards need more diversity. Getting just keys is boring.

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I already told that only 5 best diamond players will get this amount of keys

i love this idea except that reward

What should reward be from your opinion?

League already exists

just 5k keys

or 10k

i already edited this topic

Why is this familiar

kk 10K is good

im grinding for some muller so it can be great for me i dont have CHL so i cant play Ironman Invasion