Random Ideas

I had around 11 more ideas… So lets start:
1.Targeted bags/ Targeted nukes(I don’t have a specific name for them, so feel free to share a name): On my last idea I had added some new attacks for brothers reunited. Here’s one more that I missed. Targeted bags/nukes will act like targeted knives but they ill explode after hitting the screen or player. Like the toxic chicken’s gas, the explosion will remain for around 10 seconds and will spread to a radius similar or larger to the toxic chicken’s gas. After hitting the screen, the nuke/ bag will deploy at max 5 grenades, depending on difficulty. The explosion of the nuke/bag cannot be avoided by any means whatsoever, even a dimensional phase out will fail to protect the player for long. But, there is a catch, during all of this, the military chicken will not attack, it shall simply hover around, allowing it to be attacked by the player’s attacks.
2.Reload: During a normal military chicken attack (not brothers reunited) there is a 1 in 4 or 5 chance that the military chicken will pause and attempt to “search” for its bombs and knives which it will have run out of. After 5 seconds of “searching” and “reloading”, the boss will continue to attack.
Some Item Ideas:
1.Machine gun item(mountable item): This item, when equipped, triples the damage of the weapon being currently used, however, it makes it overheat faster, BUT the time taken fr the weapon to turn back to normal is as fast or faster than the time taken to overheat.
2.Shield item(usable item): Allows player to reflect any projectiles or attacks on the attacker, dealing 1-75% damage depending on difficulty, practically making the player invulnerable for 5 seconds on one use. This item is not stackable. Before vanishing, the shield lets out an explosion similar to that of a mine, helping the player to inflict more damage. Reflection of attacks works only on bosses. In normal waves, it just allows the player to remain invulnerable for some time.
3.Vulnerable hack item(usable item, non-stackable): This item allows player to attack and kill/destroy a maximum of 3 non attackable barriers or objects within one use.
4.Bribery method(Usable item, stackable): When a player has corn shotgun equipped during a boss fight, the corn kernels can be used to “bribe” the boss (works only on a chicken boss), giving the kernels to the boss causes a slight-huge explosion depending on the kernels given which can deal damage of 1-45% non dependent of difficulty. This unlocks the medal (a custom one): “A Dirty Player”. This method can only be used once during a boss fight, and allternately on a boss rush. The max number of corn kernels that can be given is 25.
5.Pin item(stackable, mountable item): Pretty self explanatory. It will “pop” all bubbles in the area/waves and does the same amount of damage to the enemy inside as one ion on a difficult wave.
6.Anti-freeze(Mountable and stackable item): On a frozen wasteland planets, the screen freezes up. Using Anti-freeze on the screen will allow full visibility no freeze for six consecutive waves.
7.Chick problem(problem): The chickens become attached to the spacecraft which wields corn shotgun in the wave, causing them to act like terminator chickens regardless of their position in the wave. However if the player quickly switches to another weapon or does not use the corn shotgun for at least 3 seconds, the chickens go back to their positions.
8.Microchips(stackable, perishable items): A banned and illegal item, it can only be bought from Shady Dealers at a medium price. This item allows a user to maintain their original positions or to change their positions according to free will in waves like gyroscope malfunction and prevents a payer from falling victim to the Henperor’s Apprentice’s Gravity attack.
Now just two more random ideas.
1.Trade mode: Players are allowed to open shops of their own and may sell items on the price they wish, bargaining is allowed, however a player using abusive language will be apprehended. The only limitation is that the items cannot be sold at more than thrice their original price. However, people who keep prices low to help other players are appreciated with a custom medal or badge.
2. Black market: It’s not a mode. It is only allowed for players without a Chicken Hunter’s License. However, if any owner of a License is found, even by other black marketeers, they might report them and the owner may be punished with a License ban from a few seconds or minutes to even days. This will be highly dependent on whether or not the other users report him/her. If the same person is caught more than three times, then his License will be banned for three weeks.If a normal user is caught by a License owner, then he/she is warned. After being warned 5 times, the user will be banned from all trading centres on the sixth time. However, if someone else has smuggled an item or two to them without getting them both caught, then there is no blame on either of the two.

dimensional phase outs are supposed to always protect the player from dying while active
the machine gun item sounds like it would be a buff without any significant downgrades, forcing people to buy it for challenge missions
trading might be abusable if you sell high tier equipment to new players for very low prices


No… Keeping the tier requirements in mind, the trade is supposed to work for people with tier above 20. Its mot that easy to reach when your account gets destroyed amd you have to start from scratch. Then take is up a notch, how aboit tier 30

I think you’re underestimating how easy tier 20 is to reach


Tier 99 is also easy to reach


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