Random idea on plot or something?

What if all of the chicken invasions were plots by space Burger to sell more of their food?? We see the space Burger brand get more advanced as the games progress, and as we get to the fourth game, we see that they have an entire headquarters full of robots transporting chicken to other space burgers restaurants. But how could this have all started? The space Burger company must have over produced chickens and let them out into the universe to make people crave chicken, to which the space ship kills All of the chickens which turns them into food. And when he’s about to order after he’s defeted all the chickens, something interrupts him, causing him to make more chicken for space Burger to sell and become a bigger company, it’s a business stunt!

I don’t know where I was going with this, I just thought of it while playing the fourth game


Nice theory but how did u know about this???

That’s actually a good idea.
Never thought about that.
I think that it could be a plot for a future game.
Just curious, how much time did it take you to think about that? :smile:

maybe something to do with the final boss?

Well, there’s one problem with this theory: how could they be 100% sure that the Hero would be capable of stopping the first invasion? It’d just be far too risky.

Besides, it really doesn’t seem like it’d be worth the trouble. The company has over 7 billion stores in 1100 galaxies. And it appears all of humanity is still on Earth. Which means humanity would be more or less insignificant to the company.

Sure, the plan could involve sending out chickens to all galaxies (and it probably would, since Hen Solo had to save his own galaxy as well) but that just makes it even more problematic. How could you be sure that in every galaxy there’s someone who could stop it? So far we only know about the Hero and Hen Solo.

tl;dr - You’re risking wiping out entire galaxies. And in turn your customers. Certainly not worth the risk.