Random concept: Flawless flight (mission)

Flawless flight is a mission where you have to beat the mission flawlessly (duh!)

It’s basically chicken invasion but with a twist: you only have 1 live and that’s it. If you die, you can choose one of two options: Accept defeat or Continue

If you continue, you’ll reset back to the start of that wave you’re currently in. However, at the end, it’s considered a defeat and you won’t the trophy since you died (what? It must be flawless!)

If you accept defeat, well, Mission Failed!

Extra lives, Bombs/specs are completely disabled here (even if you equipped it)

Note: OP know this concept is really bad but I’ll give it a shot anyway…


Then just say “New mode idea that is harder than Superstar Hero”

Why I would continue if I know I will still get defeated


So this is kind of survival Mission?

Meh, playing regular missions with 1 life is better :wink:




Uh, the like button exists.

Not bad for a challenge, but asking 2 options shouldn’t be in the mission. As you said, you can have an only life and there won’t be any returns.

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