Ramadan event 🌙

Ramadan event

Ramadan is like xmas event but change the outfit of Some of the bosses

The satellite case would be a moon🌙

Bosses would have some bright lights

Fallen gifts wave would be lantern

The rocks would shine like the moon but not too much🌕

Adding a ramadan event would be a nice and great idea

The game have thankful event , xmas even and Halloween event

Adding Ramadan event won’t be bad

( more footage soon )

Thank you for you time
Have a nice day everyone

What do you think
  • Nice i like it
  • Maybe
  • No i hated it

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What do you think ?
  • Nice
  • I don’t care
  • Bad
  • what is it ?

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What do you think about it
Reply so i can know about it

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this idea kidda like your traditional, right?

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It is an actual event where 1.8 billion human celebrate it for a month

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how many new wave

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Well there is a ton of new waves ideas in this event but i don’t have my pc now so i can’t give you enough footage i will post it soon

ok, i will wait


Cool,only Muslim people who celebrated Ramadan,and you must be Islamic right ?

Anybody can celebrate by Ramadan
In egypt all religions celebrate with them even the one without a religion and it collect the family part together

In this month people donate to charity and help homeless people

Feed and help building houses homeless

You can search it up a little bit bec i don’t really want to go off topic

Well i don’t really want to answer this question ?
I am not the type of person who put religion in everything

Why so much people hate the idea it is just like xmas

At least explain why you hated it so much


I dont hate it al all, Really fun indeed.
However, putting an unwell-known event in a game is not recommended

Yeah, how horrible it would be for a wider audience to know about it huh

It is known
Thank giving also is unknown for some and it exists

Ramadan is known by a ton of people
Even some huge games add event for it


Nice it is dead now

we know that Ramadan always has coming in new years and I don’t know how will new adds sometimes

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