Quote on posts within locked threads | Suggestion on old threads

There might be cases where you wanted to quote someone else on old posts but you can’t because the thread itself is locked. Doing this manually actually take some time, at least for me. This is probably because the thread itself is locked so replying isn’t possible (the tab where you will type won’t appear).

Also on the other hand, isn’t it possible to lock all old threads manually? Although 1.5k+ is just too many and might take a whole day to do it.

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Locking threads manually, bumps the topics. For me the whole autolock is just bad. It would be better if all topics were open and if someone bumps it for no reason (for example writes “i like it/don’t like it”) they get a ban for 3 days. Sure, it is kind of harsh, but after few times they’ll learn to not do it. We can also double the ban after few times.

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I admit it, I do agree with your reasoning. Yes, we would be seeing a wall of lock threads but that will eventually be buried by newer replies and threads. By at least a month, this forum will be on its usual pace, except for a few “Why do I see lock threads?” topics. A site maintenance would be appropriate while the process of locking all these old threads are done. I’ll revoke this as a solution for a while.

So IA just locked every topic…

Fortunately, I would say.

How is it fortunate? I literally have 120 unread topics right now.

First, you could just dismiss, second, bumping is no more.

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I still think that it’s better to punish people that bump posts.

Dismiss button: Am I a joke to you?

I readed over 400 without dismiss.

They could probably make new accounts and act as someone else.


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Ok I get it. You like that everything is locked. But how does that solve your (and mine) problem of quoting posts from closed topics?

Copy the text…and try putting it between <quote and </quote

At some point of time IA decided to apply automatic locking of threads due to frequent bumping. The problem is that this weren’t applied retrospectively.

There will be always locked threads here even if the automatic lock thread weren’t applied — like I want to quote someone and link it on that thread.

HTML quote tags don’t work, you must use discourse blockquote, but it still misses something. Look at my quote of your post and look down:

Topic bumping is bad form (especially pointless bumping), but it’s nowhere near as horrible as some people make it out to be.

To make it the way it’s supposed to be you must also find: person who wrote it, post id, and topic id. Sure it’s possible, but takes more time than just simply selecting the text and clicking 1 button.

[quote=“InterAction_studios, post:9, topic:4880”]

Yes, I remember it. I’m reading the forum every single day.

According to this topic that we’re now right in, the problem is that you can’t quote posts from closed topics. How is closing more topics solving it?

How can there be locked threads if autolock wasn’t applied?
edit: okay, manually locked threads also exist, but this can also be not used if we have users that are disciplined.

RIP all those old topics

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