Quiet apple (bug sound)

During the mission, in which the ship flies in the dark, during the fight with the boss, no sounds of enemy shots were heard. Without a reason!

This did not stop me from defeating the enemy, but even before this mission the sound of firing also disappeared when on one of the planets I launched a rocket before the battle with the apple.


I think it’s about the sound system? I do notice that the sound effect go max on the left, but small on the right

CIU plays sounds in stereo. Sounds coming from the left side of the screen play on the left speaker, and sounds coming from the right side of the screen play on the right speaker.

Make sure you speaker setup is correct, and that both speakers work. If you have a “balance” button on your speakers, make sure it’s centered.


All dynamic working. Sound is lost only in some cases, u this is preceded by the launch of a satellite rocket. The missile hit the shield before the apple appeared, and the sound of the shots disappeared. This does not interfere with the usual game, but at the “dark level” there was no sound, although I did not launch a rocket and did not detonate a bomb.

I’ve had this problem as well. Also sound in some zoomed out waves sounded “drowned out”, but I’m assuming that’s from the stereo thing. However, I couldn’t hear the apple’s blasts at all sometimes(sometimes it’d work). I don’t remember if I did anything(such as launch an ICBM rocket like @Canterlot said) to trigger that.

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I noiticed it too! When using headphones I move to right and shot I hear sound in the left

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