Quests bug

there is a bug in quests that make me not able to get to next levels here is a screenshot

i tried everything i bought the weapon finished a mission using it it is just stuck i can’t get to next tiers.

You have to complete a mission only using the specific main weapon for it to count towards your main weapon quest. You can’t switch to a different main weapon during a mission, or else it will be counted out.

Also, missions have to be unique (don’t repeatedly play the same mission).


ok i don’t play the same mission btw

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play repeatedly per 1 week only or unless 1 month play again.

Won’t make sense. Once a mission finished, it will be listed in the quest description.

The same mission played for the second time will never be counted again, there is no cooldown (except different challenge missions on different days).

You have to buy that weapon which is needed to complete the quest , then mount it to your spaceship and then play any mission by using only that weapon and dont pick another weapon , but make sure that mission is not very easy .

gusy i already found the solution i don’t know how to mark a reply as a solution

that is what i did

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fly mission every count during quest rank up reset (example: Massive,Supernova,Comet,Hot,Frozen,Use Weapon and Boss Rush or maybe from Chicken Invasion) so never play again won’t count! when play again easy count as (Use Equipment, Collect Food, Use Spacecraft, Collect Coins, and Medals) keep it from farm your quest.

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