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Hi! Long time Chicken Invaders fan, new to Universe. Had a (large) bunch of newbie questions and couldn’t find a dedicated topic, so I’m making a new topic? If that’s not how it’s done feel free to correct me. :wink:

Without further ado:

  1. Are there any planetary levels? As in, the special CI5 missions where you build the fan. I’d be surprised if there were, because that’s a lot harder to rng than the space-based waves, but wanted to be sure.
  2. Do the equippable meters (like progress, destruction, etc.) that you buy from the store remain permanently? Or are they consumable like the extra lives? Because they’re expensive
  3. How does rarity work? What makes something rare / where do I get it / what is the benefit of it?
  4. What does the “weight” stat do? I assumed it had something to do with how much I can overload my ship with stuff, but that seems to be what the reactor is for.
  5. What if I run out of fuel? Can I not travel somewhere that I can’t afford to reach, or will my ship stop dead in the water?
  6. In what order to the spaceships auto-sort in the hangar? Purchase date?
  7. (Lore question) Is there an “official” answer on which spaceship model is the one from the previous titles (Authentic Hero’s ship)? It’s obviously a Muller, but it’s unclear what exact model (the wiki insists it’s the “Deliverer” but I can’t find a source for that).
  8. (Opinion question) Anything I should be aware of regarding the early game? Should I rush to unlock stars and stuff or build it up? Is it worth obsessively clearing every mission like I am now?

Thanks for taking the time to read through all that XD

  1. Uncertain. But currently the game doesn’t have them.
  2. They are permanent.
  3. Only legendary Hall-Effect Thruster is worth finding.
  4. Uncertain. It seems to affect nothing.
  5. Yes
  6. Idk
  7. Don’t sell your starter ship 101. Sell boron railgun. Go to the suns.
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For #5: It’s (pretty much) impossible for you to get stuck because of no fuel since:

  • You can get keys from daily log-in and missions in which you can use them to buy fuel.
  • You can always purchase fuel along with other items without going on a fuel station.

Just go to a nearby planet with your remaining fuel and farm enough keys from there.

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  1. Legendary heatsinks are also good.
  2. Weekly challenges, space races and the anniversary missions are always there for you if you need more keys, so you can’t exactly get stuff.
    But, well, if you want to travel somewhere but don’t have enough fuel, you simply won’t be allowed to travel.
  3. Boron railgun?
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Sorry mistakes

Thanks all! Big help.

The M404-PI appears to be the Authentic Hero’s ship, though it’s only ever mentioned on this Steam card for Chicken Invaders 5.


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