Questions for ia

1.will u ever make a 3d game
2.can u show us how u make games and how u update ciu u think u will get famous ur pc good
5.will u make other games

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Partial answers:

  1. No, I don’t think they will (you think it’s easy for one or two people to do that?).

  2. Search for a video that introduce interAction studios, and some of the CI4 on this forum (someone in the video said that Henterprise was originally planned to be a boss in CI4).

  3. No, it’s unlikely that a one-man company will become widely popular (other than already being popular for the CI games). If a company is a multi-million dollar company with many people working as a team, due to controversial opinions, it is less likely that they will make good games when working together (example: Electronic Arts, counter-example: Nintendo).

  4. How can you even test the game you make if you don’t have the good PC? I think that InterAction Studios is at least, somewhat rich (from selling their previous games), at worst enough to buy a good computer.

  5. There are a few games on that is not related to Chicken Invaders. However, for new games, at least wait until it’s the end of Early Access, and they may or may not make new games, or at least return to creating new editions for episodic CI games.

Is that good? Try searching for questions you intended to ask on this forum before asking them.


Tecnically chicken invaders is a “3d” game
They use a 3d engine to make the sprites

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That’s not even close. Heck you can get even a 4D software (if you’ll find in human lifetime) to create images for 2D game. CI is 2D game and nothing changes it. Even DOOM is closer to 3D than Chicken Invaders (but keep in mind it’s just the illusion because the truth is DOOM is completely 2D)

That ‘‘someone’’ who speaks is the developer Konstantinos Prouskas aka IA :slight_smile:

Scott Cawthon wants to know your address


I’d mention RobTop…

But we don’t talk about RobTop, do we?


Toby fox also demands your address

Well, there were two of them: his friend helped with graphics.

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I would like a second part of piggly to be released.

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