Questions about the end of early access

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It’s me again with another topic.
As we all know the game will release 14 days later and we are all happy about it :star_struck::partying_face:
I had some questions about the end of early access.
@InterAction_studios first of all I’m gonna thank you for all of the enjoyment that you made for us in these years, second please answer my question that I have below:

  1. Will we lose the medals of ideas, early access being, bugs?
  2. If no, will the people that don’t have one of those medals be unable to get the medal medal?
  3. Will we still give ideas and you made them into the actual game?
  4. Will forum be dead? (Hey forum members, you can also answer this)
  5. Will we all lose our score?(accounts be reset)
  6. You promised us that we will have planetary missions like ci5, is that true?
  7. Will you look at the ideas that you didn’t before and add them to the game?
  8. Will the android version be available on Google play store?
  9. Will there be a ci6 after this game?
  10. Will you hire someone to help you?
  11. Will you add seasons for each month? (Like the games like clash royale)
  12. Will the game give updates so fast like now?
  13. Will you still be active in the forum?
    And etc.
    I love you all guys, thanks for reading. :heart:

the old changelogs already shown that, but I’ll help provide answer for some question as I read the changelog before:
1: obviously not (only EA Medal will be lost)
2: as the changelog said, anyone who participate in UHF later Early Access phase won’t receive the medal
3: idk, wait for his answer
4: give a reason to tell why will the forum dead after ending Early Access?
5: same as 3
6: don’t know when, because that had suggested many times (included me)
7: same as 5
8: like iA said, if the iOS version goes well, then GG Play will be available
9: 2 days ago he said there will be CI6, but it’s not a confirmation yet
10, 11, 12: same as 7
13: why not?


side question: will 99 players thing in multiplayer still exist after this?
sorry i might ruin the fun


Idk, just felt so

Edit:some more questions
@InterAction_studios are you still working alone?
How much does servers cost per month?
Is the game making you enough mony?

Thanks for caring about us

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