Questions about Interaction

  1. Who owns the company?
  2. Which country are operated in?/Are you a remote company?
  3. Who had the idea for chicken invaders?
  1. Konstantinos Prouskas
  2. Greece
  3. Konstantinos Prouskas

if only you hadn’t asked for country specifically i would tell you that its Konstantinos Prouskas’ house


If you’re interested in learning more about iA and Mr. Prouskas:-

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nah nah i remember there was another guy called kristin miller, he’s the ceo


Probably not. And chances are you’ll never find him on social media platforms*, because as he said in CI1’s remaster development diary:

There is a high possibility that he is very busy studying to improve his programming skills.

*When i say " find him on social media platforms", I mean his profile as Prouskas, not the InterAction Studios page.

I tried searching for him in Greek, but it was almost fruitless (correct me if I’m wrong, because I have only learned this language in the past few months):

The consolation is that at least we have an article written about him:

(Again, due to my limited knowledge of the language, I can’t barely understand what it says. Any native speakers or people who know this language better than me, please help!)

P.S: If you search on Facebook, you may find another account with the same name:

(But of course this isn’t iA either, as it’s not affiliated with the official Chicken Invaders site.)

But the account is from Greece and why would anybody impersonate him, he also maybe fit and look like that

Contradiction informations:

Here is the Facebook profile of the person you claim - check it yourself:

You win.

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if this is true then iA does look like a gigachad he is


Unfortunately, this is just another person with the same name as the developer.

You can see that is a different person immediately by just looking at his location.
Our iA was born at Athens while the person you claimed was born at elsewhere.


just further proof that men named Konstantinos Prouskas are generally handsome


Actually, that was @ITsMe 's suggestion. But you won’t be able to find his comment because it’s hidden. (Once again, to protect the person you-know-who’s privacy).

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Actually i also have questions about IA :
1 : does IA really plays chicken invaders universe ?
2: if IA plays CIU , so he loves CIU and it is his favorite game ?

  1. Bruh, he actually played with alot of other players in the previous year (i don’t remember why) check his chanel on YT!
  2. I think he can’t decide which one of his games is his favorite game cus’ every game he made was very very good lol, But i read a reply from him in this forum, he said that piggly is his favorite game.

Nah, I think he is living in UK now. Otherwise, how could he contact 2db to produce music?


Internet and telephone.

Oops, forgot to explain. Because 2db is a British studio (as you can see above the picture),

to be able to contact them he had to know them beforehand - which would have been almost impossible if he lived in Greece.

Ok, so IA rarely travels to the UK for 2dB?

Oh wow, I’ve always thought he lives in Greece. My bad.

Does he still use the Internet or telephone to contact 2dB, or does he have to meet them in person?

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