Questions about bosses and chicken

So let’s just get right into the point

  1. Will there be unique boss that’s only CIU but no previous CI game have?
  2. Will there be more type of chicken to coming? Recently, ninja chick, pirate chick, etc. are new chickens but the don’t really have many special ability, I’d like to see more type to come in the future like Chicken controlling a Chicken shaped Fighter
  3. Are there going to be new wave type? At the moment CIU only use previous games’ waves
  4. Will there be an option to enter planet’s atmosphere to travel deeper inside the planet like CI5?
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Here is the answers for you
1 maybe
2 maybe
3 I don’t think so because they say the download size increases
4 definitely no

Once they start adding our ideas…
1.,2. And 3.
4.likely not

According to what IA said:
1-2) when our ideas will arrive in the game
3) I don’t know… probably not
4) IA said “Maybe in the future?” (Even they aren’ t sure)