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Dear @InterAction_studios !
I know you may have a hard time sorting out all of the ideas & tweaks community proposes…

I was wondering what would happen if CIU left Eary Access stage… Will it still be updated, stay just like it gonna be or die becuase of financial problems and loss of interest?

I’m starting to be worried about the game’s state and recognition considering that MMOs are not offline games…

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Plan update #1 topic

This game will never really be finished, however. Even after the official release, we’ll continue to add content and make modification according to your feedback, ideas, and suggestions.

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It’s good that the game will still update even after end or EA.

But then what’s the difference between “CIU during EA” and “CIU after EA”?

Basically, during EA EA I mean iA is going to add new content and try to make the game stable (bug-speaking, mostly) and after EA there will only be minor tweaks and maybe some more content


During EA it’s easier to make global changes. For example, if it’s needed to create a new galaxy object for exploration it might require galaxy regeneration. In early access players should take this into consideration, they are ready for big game breaking changes which might require a partial/full reset of their progress. After the early access it’s harder to make something like this without losing players (harder ≠ impossible).


Yeah I always wondered about this : Will there definitely be a galaxy reset after Early Access?

It’s not like we got any of those game breaking changes requiring regeneration anyway.

What about that time we had to sell strobes before update?

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Did the galaxy regenerate? And besides, it may have been exciting if things like that happened regularly. Which it isn’t. The way it’s going, we seem to be locked in the same status quo until release.

That’s what makes it fun.

What do you mean makes it fun? Is going for months without a major update your definition of fun? The point of Early Access is to test out new things, and changes can always be reverted because it’s Early Access, and we can test things. When I signed up for it, I expected changes, new things to play around with, that’d put interesting mechanics. The MMO system is very basic, and has a lot of room for growth, and we wouldn’t have minded experimentation, and if something went wrong it could always be reverted. Right now the Early Access period seems to be a pathetic excuse for all problems the game suffers instead of a period for testing and refining the game’s system. Instead it’s been a constant deadlock.


I agree with you on the second M of MMO.

Yes. But updates after Early Access will be harder (hence slower), because backwards compatibility and not losing progress becomes doubly important then.

How would I know that in advance? That’s always a danger, regardless of Early Access or not.


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