Question of the next update (v8.1)

  1. When is the release date?
  2. Are we gonna have our setting reset? (And our in mission progress)
  3. If so, Do we have any further resets?
    As you may know, I love updates!

When it’s done.


About number 2 and 3?

There’s still a long way to go in Early Access. IA words.

I am not an official in any way, all I am is another player, but I’ll answer your questions with my opinions and simple logic.

  1. Updates on the game don’t usually have release dates, unless IA themselves announce it, other than that, just as EmeraldPlay mentioned, ‘When it’s done.’

  2. That really depends on the update itself and I’m sure iA will try as hard as possible in order to not reset our progress, but maybe some updates will simply require a progress wipe, and in that case it can’t be helped, but the game is still the game, it will still be as fun.

  3. This question put me at a loss of words for a bit.
    I doubt iA would intentionally wipe our progress at the release of the full game, as for wiping our progress on further updates, that is up to the update itself, depending on wheter it’s needed or not.

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Why someone have to open a subject like this after every update. Just play the game…

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IA said that in the 8.1 the planet effects will be in game or something like that.