Question? Discounts for people in the forum

So I have a small question. Will people(with high enough reputation in the forum) get discounts when buying the premium version(The Chicken Hunter Licenses as I remember) of CIU?

So far IA haſn’t ſaid anything about that, but I ſuſpect not. If you have an idea that makes it into the game, you will be credited though and get a bunch of keys (if I recall correctly). Pretty much everything IA’s ſaid is in the plan updates, ſo I ſuggeſt you read thoſe.

Discount for what?.. :grinning: be serious the price is only 5 euro


I dont understand, so the game itself is going to be free and you got defrent kind of licenses you can buy or what?

Read the plan updates.

im to lazy to read them :sweat_smile:, Give me the summry

From what I remember there is the free option and paid license. The difference is in the free version your save is only local, so if you lose your files, they’re gone. Also your name will just be Guest.


(So yes, exactly what Davoid said)


If you’re to lazy to read the 7 poſts (call it ten paragraphs max) that explain how everything works and what the plan is, why exactly did you join this forum?

I ment Im to lazy to go back and read old plans, I only read a plan once when it comes out

You’ll find that you have plenty of time to read the old ſtuff, as it’s been pretty quiët recently and a lot (percentage-wiſe) of the recent poſts are “Hey guys! What’s been ſaid about…?”. I would predict 4 to 10 days before another topic is opened.

5 euro
:grinning: :grinning:

There’s a search option, you might wanna look into that next time.

Man Im in Egypt, 5 euro is about 110 L.E in here :moneybag:

I do not know how can be so lazy, to dont read such an important things. To read the updates would have taken you as little much time, instead you should ask each for something that are write in the plans. I hope you understand me.

HAHAHA! :joy:
The irony is in the forgotten apoſtrophe in “don’t”.

You see a Ps4 game Will make you spend from 60 to 80 euros so I think that the price is Fair enough!

Who cares? The people makes wrong sometimes. Also the english is not my native tongue.