Question about silencie

That’s how look a user Silencied?

Edit: Sorry if this is on language Bulgarian, i will fix it later

No, They put it on for no reason or to make people not text him, that’s all I guess

Actually no. They’ve put this symbol to show people that they are silenced (And actually they are silenced.). That’s all. Otherwise, A silenced user wouldn’t show up like that. They put a custom symbol on their profile picture.


As I remember, they’re silence because of something, so they put that symbol on.

You are correct :ok_hand:

wow, you guessed it. but nevermind about that.

Why is it different between the two of them? PacMan has an X but minasameh has a strikethrough…?

I prefer this style.

Thanks for your replies!

You’re welcome @NIUX.

No problem. @NIUX

You’re welcome mate.

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