Quality of Life proposal: Mission config presets

Hey guys, here’s a pretty big quality of life proposal I’ve got which I feel would save quite a bit of time and get you back into the battlefield: Introduce config presets to the config menu.

I use different configurations depending on the mission I’m about to do. I always use SSH on normal missions, but I use Maneuvring Jets and no special weapons in Space Race, and I bring Invulnerability Extenders and more special weapons than usual for the Ironman Competition.

I thought of this system so that I don’t have to unmount and mount a specific configuration, then unmount it and mount another. It saves time is what I’m trying to say. I also feel that it would simply be convenient for other players as well as myself.

Short version

It’s just like loadouts in TF2 (#savetf2).

Long version

To start, we will introduce two new buttons on the menu: one for saving and one for loading presets:

1. Saving presets

You can create a new preset by filling it out like you normally do. Once you’re finished, click on the “Save config” button (I forgot to highlight it in the image above) and this menu will appear:

For the sake of demonstration, these two presets have been saved beforehand.

You can either select one of the empty presets, or select one of your currently saved presets to overwrite them. I’ve put five here but if anyone thinks it should be more or less, please say so. Click on one of them and it will ask you to name your preset. Let’s call this one “Normal Mission”:

Then click the “Confirm” button to save it. It will of course ask for confirmation before saving.

2. Loading presets

To load an existing preset, click the “Load config” button

And this menu will appear:

You then double-click one of the presets to load it. Loading an empty preset will have the same effect as the existing “Unmount All” button: it will load up a blank config.

Here are screenshots of the respective presets:

Preset 1: “Space Race”

Preset 2: “Ironman (The SSH difficulty is added on anyway so don’t worry about it being mounted)”

Preset 3: “Normal Mission”

The way the presets will be filled is from left to right from top row to bottom row. So if for instance, I wanted to load Preset 2 but I only had 8 Extra Lives, 12 Damage Amplifiers, 18 Dimensional Phase-outs and 1 Invulnerability Extender in my inventory, it will look like this:

I blanked out that I had 5 Phase-outs left

EDIT: Alternative suggestion**

@trueuser, @RainbowBoyVN and @Starbrockle (thanks for pointing out the flaws you guys, you’re a big help!) brought up good points where there isn’t a good amount of space to implement the buttons, especially when factoring in space taken up by mission info and equipment descriptions. So alternatively, I came up with this idea instead:


This version is much more compact and less complex. Rather than having to manually save each different config, each config will have a dedicated button (A to E, shown underneath the config). Even though I’m concerned that this might be more vague and confusing for other players (plus I think my original concept looked cooler, gotta have some pride in your ideas), I think this would be a much more optimal choice while not sacrificing too much elegance. And I might not know much about programming, but I’m sure this would be easier to implement if iA were to add it.

But I don’t want to know what I prefer. I want to know what you guys prefer:

Which proposal do you guys prefer: The original or the alternative? Do you have another suggestion or should this just not be added?
  • Original
  • Alternative
  • Neither, I have another idea (please show me in the comments)
  • I don’t want this added

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Whew! That was a long one. Anyone who managed to make it down here, thanks for taking the time to check out my proposal and I hope you will consider agreeing. If anyone has any other suggestions that can improve on this concept, please don’t hesitate to say so. Anyways, thanks for your time and peace! :slight_smile:


Must agree, this idea is good.

Suggested by me here already - Slot ſettings ſaved by ſpacecraft - #2 by anon27929001 .
On a side note, this is very nicely illustrated and explained!


might be cool but we kinda ran out of space to put the button

Already suggested, but I’m a YES for this idea!

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Hmm, how about something like this? Just small letter buttons above the config, and they autosave the configs so there’s no need to manually save and name them. I did consider something like this, but 1: I was concerned it’d be too confusing for new players and 2: I was also going for style points.

No preset is selected automatically upon entering the Mission Config menu


Just a problem: the “A” to “E” slot were taken spot by ad (for some people without paying chl or keypack).

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Oh yeah, I forgot that was a thing. My bad. Here would be a better spot.


Isn’t there enough space if it would be done as shown in the main post?
Edit:talking about the original idea ofc, not alternative

no there isn’t (there’s more space on the right, not bottom)



theres space on top of fly mission

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When I originally came up with this idea, I only intended for it to appear in the main mission config menu accessed from the map. But now that you mention it, taking this into account, there are now a bunch of no-go zones for the buttons (I’m overcompensating for the text on the right, I don’t know how much of the side can actually be taken up by text).

Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem if the preset buttons were only to appear in the main config menu and not right before entering a mission. But if this wasn’t to be the case, then I would suggest this:

Darn, I really need to think these through a lot more… thanks for pointing out my shortcomings… again.


Mobile user would be a problem so I think put it in these place instead.

On the right side, adding a Inventory on top seems better than putting a number on it.


That would clutter the screen even more. Also, would the button placement really be an issue for mobile users? Maybe the buttons could be made slightly bigger.

would be fine if the buttons are under the filter button

Hmm, what do you think?

This is what putting it on the right would look like. I think in both cases, it just looks weird. But that’s just me.

I’ll sleep on this for a while. I need to take a nap.


Oh. Oof

Very important idea, could fit some space of the UI, and then makes it easier to have it loaded.

I like your idea. It would make configuration for any mission more effective because any pilot is familiar with it. By having options that can be easily accessed for the mission chosen makes things more efficient. Also the pilot can configure any way they think will help them be successful. I hope to see it in the next upgrade. Fly safe. Be well all…

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