QoL update for CIU

QOL Update for CIU. This topic may change, and you can add your ideas by replying.

I only have a few ideas.

1. Saved for later Missions

In the galaxy, if you’ve turned on Missions Completed, it shows the missions that you’ve completed. Works fine just as it should. But there should be a tweak here, adding an additional feature to it like Turning the circle yellow if you’ve saved a mission for later.

(ii). Or adding an additional text that’s colored in yellow and shows ‘Saved for Later’ Missions.

2. *Spacecraft Style

Refers to an old post of mine.

When buying your spacecraft, a menu will pop-up with themes based on the previous episodes*.

Picking a style from here is completely free.


3. Anonymize Player

Also refers to an old post of mine.

Lets say that you’re streaming CIU. And you dont want your callsign to be leaked so you enable streamer mode.(Anonymize Player)

But if you accidentally click on your callsign in the menu, which :lock: :lock: :lock:, It will show your callsign.

Ways to fix this: Add ‘Are you sure?’ button
or: Show a popup that in streamer mode, you cant change or show your callsign
This also applies to the desktop version.

Another this is that in the mode, your coords are hidden, but if you click on a planet ,star or any other celestial body, it will show the coords.

Change this.

Hopefully IA will see this and add these.

Will IA add these?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Completed missions are mission that you’ve completed so far. A save-for-later mission is still treated the same as a unfinished mission since you still haven’t finished it yet. So having this feature is not that big of a deal when save-for-later mission is treated the same. An unfinished mission

Besides there is already a menu for save for later mission in the missions menu so there is no need additional menu for it

Well yes, but the thing is that if you came across some darkness missions for example and saved them for later, there should be some text indicating that you’ve saved them, so you dont have to fly all the way back to see which missions you haven’t played.

That would require a great deal of new high-definition sprites of the previous episodic versions of the M-404 vehicle.

But honestly, I’d be down with that. Always loved the tank tips on the Episode 4 version more than Episode 5’s tail fins.

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You do know that save-for-later mission are saved here where you can play these without bothering to go to the designated planet

My point still stand on not needing additional text on save for later mission as those are still unfinished mission so you can tell that these mission are still imcompleted

I really like spaceship style but how do you think BX Exalibur will look in CI2 style

i dont know. IA might take people’s suggestions

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