Purchasable Hardpoint Slots

No idea how to logistically implement this, but title says it all - my Hatchling is my most often flown ship (bc Key Bonus) and I want a way to give it something more than a lonely laser pointer.

Maybe just increasing the cap for some low ships would do the trick to. But it needs some attention - it’s been feeling left out since the hardpoint update, lol


Well, for the other H&Cs, sure.

But for the 101, maybe not. It’s a starter ship after all. Best to not encourage beginners to waste too much money on hardpoints.


There should also be a hardpoint cap because imagine having 50 strobe lights :thinking:

Edit: Maybe to make your title clearer, “Purchasable Hardpoint Slots”


Give it a tier cap if beginners can’t have it. I want glowing starter ship. :joy:

But in all seriousness, it needs a cap that’s higher than one, in my opinion. It’s a cosmetic feature, and the restriction feels odd because it’s a ship that plenty of late game players use too, not just beginners. It’s not like asking for a moron railgun upgrade.

EDIT: Another possible (though less desirable) fix would be making it prohibitively expensive, if it really wants to be discouraged. It just seems arbitrary and frustrating to me that there’s no way to do it.


Eh, we can only wait for iA to do something about this.


It also just occurred to me that extra missions slots are available for the H&C 101 - and they actually impact gameplay. So hardpoints really shouldn’t be an issue, in my mind at least.


It seems like setting the purchasable hardpoint cap to 11 would be the best option, not only because it’s a fairly reasonable number of max slots but because adding it with the number of slots in the H&C 101 (1) gives us 12, which is the maximum number of hardpoint slots that could be added into the hardpoint section like this:

Adding any more slots would require a reduction in the size of the slots which would make reading things more difficult and besides, 12 slots are enough for 95% of players when it comes to decorating their ships.

As for the price, aside from the laser scope which helps players in terms of accuracy, the other two hardpoints are just cosmetic features. As such, they should be more expensive than a Color Theme but less expensive than an Extra mission slot.
In my opinion, 180 keys should be the price of such hardpoints, that way, you still have to spend 1980 keys to allow all ships to have 12 hardpoints. But of course you can come up with your own price if my proposed price is too expensive/cheap.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on this and may the Forks be with you all!


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