Proxy system

As you know (you may not know) and hear (you may not also hear) every internet service outside of Iran is filtered and the access to many VPNs is gone.(except this one that I’m using, a chrome extension)
I was thinking about a little idea that is a proxy system in the game.
It would look like this:

It would help a lot in logging in to the game and playing
Thank you for understanding us and reading


Well if you somehow login into a windscribe vpn (or was logged in before) it should work (not guaranteed) also unfortunately I’m from the said country

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Oh really?
I exactly was using windscribe but it stopped working since a month ago

Same for me but a few weeks ago it started working again (i use Rightel and my phone is connected to my pc with usb tethering as a way to share internet).

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for me.

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