Proxy Client/Tunneling in CIU Multiplayer

Everyone knows in Multiplayer, you always see the “Symmetric Nat” or “Port Restricted Cone”, and barely anyone wants to do their router settings or everything in their router settings doesn’t do anything. So, is there such way to do like a Proxy client or Tunneling? like with Ngrok that people usually use with Minecraft servers or Cloudflare Tunneling (I’m not really talking about Warp/ since it doesn’t work for me)

And yes I have Symmetric Nat, I’ve tried doing Port forwarding stuff and DMZ in my Router settings but it doesn’t seem to do anything, not even a VPN do anything (I’ve only tried like few VPNs so I don’t know if it will actually work).

Anything helps. Even information that I could use, thanks.

Here are my port forwarding settings.

Note that:

  • The protocol must be set to UDP,
  • The external and internal ports must match, and
  • You must reserve your desired device’s IP address.

Have you set it up similarly to this?

inb4 “lol u just leaked ur public ip address” No, I didn’t. That’s a local one, you cannot simply hack me.

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This is also the case for me, except I run the standalone version through wine since I’m a Mac user.
Emulations are known to have certain defects which never happen in a genuine machine environment.

Yeah, I set it up exactly as what you told me,

It didn’t worked for me, but my friend that has port restricted cone seem to work by just port forwarding his router (even though his ports is blocked by his ISP, so I don’t know how that would work).

I reckon it’s barely possible to solve symmetric NAT using port forwarding. If this port forwarding method works for you, did you have port restricted cone or symmetric NAT beforehand? I have symmetric NAT and nothing works for me, not even to change it to port restricted cone.

I have symmetric nat aswell, i’ve tried doing port forwarding on my router settings and it didn’t do anything at all, I still have Symmetric Nat

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