"Protection" multiplayer mission mode

aha, so, where should I start? anyway, I know that multiplayer won’t appear this year and that maybe it won’t be added at all, but if it does get added, i have an mission idea about it.
this mission is just a generic invasion with 4 normal players, but in this mode, you should not only be killing chickens, you should also defend the V.I.P. (the 5th player here, also meaning “very important person”) from being killed, so, what and who is the V.I.P. you ask? it’s the 5th player contolling a weak spaceship, that has no access to any kind of weapons, can’t put mountables/perishables, and can only put music/background on premission screen, the V.I.P. can’t pick up firepower/satellite/gift but can collect food/coins/keys, the V.I.P.'s spaceship would be kinda different from all spaceships in the game, it would just be a generic h&c but without weapon pods, looking like this
the V.I.P. also has 6 lives to begin with, so don’t worry about getting killed on accident and getting a mission failure, anyway, the mission’s skill level would be chosen by the server host, anyway, so, the next question, where can i find and play these missions? well, if you see any of these things (thanks for samuelronban for this!)
when you find those, there is that generic play missions button, when you click on it, there would be a different screen instead, with it saying “Please choose the difficulty.” with three buttons, “easy” “medium” “hard”, when you click on one of them, a server browser pops up, with servers on it, there would be 3 options, create server, join a server, or spectate, I’ll explain spectate only, if a server is full, you can go spectate it, you would also be able to access the chat and talk with other spectators/players, now, there would be 3 vote systems, one is that for voting a player to become the V.I.P., second is for kicking, and one is for V.I.P. disability, you would also get keys for amount the lives the V.I.P. has , if a V.I.P. has 4 lives, you get 4 keys, anyway, for bonus, me and some people tried to recreate this mission in the episode’s multiplayer to show how it’ll sorta work, and it was harder than i thought it would be

that is all for now

I feel like a game could easily be ruined by a either bad VIP or one that kills himself on purpose. What could be done to prevent that?
Music and background should be set for each player individually.
I also feel like being a VIP can be a bit boring, just picking up stuff.
For multiplayer missions either have all players at one location (Hard to find a match without friends though) or have a multiplayer Hub, some sort of mission HQ I think.

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You could report those who ram into stuff on purpose

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What about a key reward for each life remaining at the end?


I agree with Orandza with some kick/vote/report systems.

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Although I think they ſhould be preſent anyway.

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I’d like to point out that ſome waves would be entirely pointleſs in a ſurvival-type game.

Alſo, the hardeſt of theſe miſſions ſhould be as hard as a ſtandard “elite” miſſion, or the “veteran only” thing would make it boring for the better players.

Attack formations only

hmmmmmmm, well, how about we replace veteran with ssh, also, keep in mind that this is not a complete idea, I’ll edit the topic if I add something new or your suggestions

also, I’ve been thinking of an vote-kick syste m, alternatively, there would be a special vote system on the purpose dying VIP where it disables the player becoming a VIP in that server, also, how about a server browser when you choose your difficulty? (Aka these easy/medium/hard thingies)

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edited the post @Davoid @Traveller

So what about people who ſtill haven’t learnt that it’s beſt not to ram eggs?
I think that the eaſy ſhould be an eaſy miſſion, moderate ſhould be a hard miſſion, and hard ſhould be an elite miſſion.

so no skill level then?

TBH I think that you ſhould be allowed to chooſe your skill level.


how about if the server host (one that created the server) chooses the skill level?

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that looks great, mind if i use this in the main topic?

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Yes, you can use it.

okay, so we tried this in the episodes and the vip died and we failed, we’re gonna retry now, but that failed run will also be uploaded