Projectile insight

If you are playing game and you move your spacecraft left or right and enemy is close to your spaceship and your spaceship is down to enemy then suddenly enemy throw projectile and same time you suddenly hit to projectile and lose your live. So if you want to avoid to lose a live , I have a idea . This is an insight which is called projectile insight . It is categorized in “insights” and it cost 67 keys . its time is same as other insights. When you buy , It will automatically used in mission.

when it is used in mission , It will tell you (1.5 seconds before enemy throw projectile) that which enemy is going to throw projectile by red strobe light to downside of enemy.(only enemy not boss).

I don’t think this will be very useful to us, we can use our satellites or missiles, mines to kill this enemy before throwing any Projectiles at us. (Or just learn how to dodge and react very fast)

This would be either OP or would make the screen even busier than it is/possibly lag on very large waves. There are existing warnings for elite and boss attacks, for smaller enemies you just keep your distance.

im pretty sure attacks are usually determined on the spot, and not in advance

(not too sure about this actually)

If enemy is on bottom of screen then i will move ship to enemy for killing then it suddenly throw projectile then ? live lost , actually this thing happen to me in retro mission.

Retro doesn’t have a single wave that have any enemies comes from the bottom or behind your ship.

anyways , lets change the mark of projectile .
enemy which is going to throw projectile , that projectile will appear on enemy ( instead of red strobe light) before 1 second of throwing projectile , not working on chiller , phoenix and boss.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

There is usually a warning before bigger enemies attack, excepting Juggers and Armoureds.

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