Project G-PEP (Galactic Poultry Eradication Program) Suggestions to Developers


I’m Benjamin Curtis, host of YouTube’s BC Media, and this is the proposition forum for the United Hero Force’s upcoming Galactic Poultry Eradication Program against the Galactic Henpire. Phase 1 will soon be underway, and when it’s here, ideas are bound to come flooding in from recruits with creative mindsets. Specifically, everyone. If you wanna get ahead of everyone else, post your suggestions for updates on Episode Universe here.

Any ideas are allowed as long as they’re suitable for work, non-profane, and the idea is true to the source material of this game series. We don’t want any Lucasfilm lawyers threatening us because someone recommended an X-Wing as a playable vehicle. Nothing can the beat the M-404 PI Fighter, anyway.

I’m sure Mr. Prouskas is gonna appreciate the ideas.


The x-wing is cool :c


I always thought a game with some bits of time travel or timeline jumping would be cool. Meeting up with the hero in the past? Fighting old bosses with new gimmicks? New and old clashed together? All could be here. Perhaps some plot twist could be inserted…


How to help the heroes of the past and fix the castrofe that the chickens made in time?


I don’t think Episode Universe is gonna be story-based. They give you the premise, and you’re on your way right off the bat. I just hope Recruit 11 gets his priorities straight and gets over the pit stops at every Space Burger joint he sees.


I honestly have no idea if they’ll add that to the mix. Time travel can be hard to get right.
All that wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.


I came up with a way of challenges


Yeah, this isn’t story-based. However, we will get to fight most of the bosses from the past episodes.


OK, what if as a special bonus power-up, enemies wouldn’t drop chicken legs, they would drop keys for about ten seconds?
This could apply to bosses, too.


Missiles would be overpowered with this one, unless they wouldn’t result in enemies dropping keys.