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Profile pic when?


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bee ee

An in-game profile picture system could damage the game.
You see all these big games with profile picture approval systems or all the people on steam with Adult-themed profile pictures, mockery, racism etc.
I highly doubt iA would want the new chore of manually approving profile pictures, and he would also need stocking space for them on a server.

It would be cool to have a profile picture, but it’s such a bad idea system-wise that it’s not worth.


What if using a set of pre-made profile pics of existing characters like chickens, bosses, Hen Solo or maybe older game icons. Heck, reusing Steam’s CI trading card icons.


In-game profile photo will be available in future

Eh, I feel it would conflict with the aesthetic of the game

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it could mean:
a pic with a specific/non-specific size, ran about 256 kb at max, and where to display other than the profile thing

Would be too complicated to code


Pre-made profile pictures are boring in my opinion.
Of course I’m just one person who doesn’t find that appealing, but I’m gonna -1 that one.
Pre-made profile pictures never appealed to me in a single game.

I think the spaceships functionally do the same thing as a profile pic anyway. I don’t feel like this is super necessary.

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