[Profile information] "Ideas suggested:", "Bugs fixed:" and "Game callsign"

There can be buttons to look what forum member did to the game. In game we can see medals for fixed bugs and suggestions but we can’t see what user suggested. In those tabs we could see topics and posts in which user wrote about a bug or an idea. As IA said, ideas need to be implemented and bugs should be fixed. In that case this information will be shown in tabs.

About callsigns:
Currently it isn’t possible to find forum member in the game if his nickname differs to callsign. Solution is to add " Show game callsign near nickname" and "Callsign in game: " fields. Second one can be changed twice a year to eliminate the abuse of this opportunity.


But either way people can change their callsigns on the forum to the one they DON’T have in-game. And the time restriction just restricts name changes in the game (for those that want accurate names). If there is a time restriction in the game, the forum should have the same one.

That being said I don’t think Discourse can be modified that much and such callsigns might not be possible (But who knows).

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I don’t think its possible to integrate the forum software with the game at all. :frowning:

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