Problems with Bosses

There is a problem with a boss if you host multiplayer and someone dies completely
the boss will think he is still there
and that is making exploit join with an alt die and the boss will just focus on the dead player

here is a video

Problem with the boss


“System Detected: You’re got bugged, pls stand by for update from IA very soon.”

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That’s a known one, the same as when you die in single player and almost everything keeps shooting to you. Last time this was brought up we had no multiplayer and InterAction studios said that it’s too much work to be worth it. Not sure if this statement changes after multiplayer addition.

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I think it is bec now it is creating an exploit

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you can now just get an alt make them die in corner and now bosses will focus on the corner

Eh, it is harder to dodge if you don’t know where your enemy shoots. The boss is not focused on dead players only.

i know

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