Problems about Flame HUD Effect

I will not cover the scientific side. I’m just mentioning things that make this idea bad.
First, the fire makes the background look worse. Although we all see that it makes the hot environment seem hotter, but basically, I still prefer the old version.
Second, the fire actually hurt our eyes, especially when we are at the edges. Enemy projectiles thus become harder to see, and the big problem is that Inferno Effect is due to associate with Massive + Hot Environment in the next version, which makes Inferno Effect itself the Fire of Hell in Ironman Competition.


I do find it annoying because it reduce our vision. But I’m not sure if it should be changed.


I prefer old version, too. Instead, I suggest that since inferno is close to the sun, the sun there (hot environment) will be weaker than when it is hot and heavy (mission in the sun).


Lol my eyes were nearly blind in the first time I met it. Consequently, I decided that I would not play hot mission until it is fixed. Hope iA will consider more seriously about this problem. I don’t want to quit CIU because of just a change like this :sob:


It should just be a red gradient like what Baron suggested at first

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11 likes, should we make a protest :penguin:?

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Back in v111 topic I suggested that a red transpoarent radiation should exist in at the edges of the screen. but didn’t expect IA to do another thing that turns into this shape.

Also why you are still insisting to remove it?. look at the poll results. it says otherwise that this idea is fine expect that it needs it’s opacity decreased. so you guys become more comfortable of it.

this scentence only applies to the bottom edge of the screen where the flame hud there have unnecessarily high opacity. Others are moderate.

There is a poll said no about this. Well. Many people also wanted stars and inferno planets have their own effects.

Anyway you can remind IA to decrease it’s opacity so it would be moderate for you (as you think it is hard). otherwise Do NOT make another attempt of removing this idea.

I have fought about this idea way in v112, Because a dude said that it is fair that “we can remove a science fictioning feature from a science fiction game by using a real scientific fact” Which is completely stupid.

I want it removed because it looks ugly, period.

Then find something that is capable of convincing all the people that wanted it to stay to make it removed. I won’t talk into this if you do.

Replace flame effect with red gradient effect
  • Yes
  • No

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I would say better post that in EA topic so this would have more attention than this topic.

then you link to the poll in the EA topic

Lemme poll the same thing there.

nah, would give unequal results

Sorry but wdym unequal results? EA topic have surely more attention than this. so higher opinions will be granted.

What he is trying to say is that creating more than one poll with the same options is useless, just linking the main one is enough.


Stupid !? How can you say that?
You are flying a mission that you deal with the enemies in the space, not in that Planet! If that mission you are flying in the land that planet (such as chapter 4/6/8 of CI5), i won’t counter this. But in here, in this CIU game, there are no mission that dealing with the enermies on the land of an Infeno planet. So, have the Flame effects in a Hot mission is ANTISCIENCE
So, if you said that in EA v.112, would you rather live in your fantasy than in reality? Or you hate science? Or you hadn’t go to school to hear something interesting, so you don’t believe anything in the reality of the science?

Oh, and more. This is your idea, so that mean you will be responsible for your idea, why don’t you tell something to iA to change the flame effect to let the mission look more reality? Or not, tell iA to remove that Flame effects and get back the Corona Sun for us, now!


Please don’t say “antiscience” with him, he doesn’t want to play a game that follow the rules of physics


So what? What’s wrong? He wants this game change all everything follow his wish.

This game (or other games) is the game for everyone to play, not for just one person to play !!!


yeah but he will start a 50 replies long argument