Problem with the A Mysterious Ship Approaches boss

So this boss is a lot harder now, I lost about 3 lives after beating it just now because it only showed a warning of where the lasers were going to be fired once. Is that supposed to happen? Is it a glitch or part of the challenge?

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Yes, that’s supposed to happen. You need to practice it. You can dodge it by going to the left or right.


You mean left or right as if you’re on the east or west side of it?

When it shoots like this Đ– you might wanna stay to the left or the right of the ship

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Thanks, I guess I got too frustrated to figure it out because it’s new.



Thanks, sorry I was just frustrated because I hate losing lmaoo

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Yeah, the warning is there pretty much only to show the player how many beams it will fire (4-6 depending on the difficulty).

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dont worry about it , if it fired fire lasers you need to stay near its bottem left , same with six lasers , it really helped me pass the boss without losing lives

Every time I see a misterious ship i follow these simple steps:

If lasers are 4

  1. Looking at the lasers pattern
  2. I attack it and defeat it

If there are more lasers

  1. Look at the pattern
  2. I accept my death
  3. Die
  4. Change mission

Don’t spam.

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?? i didnt

Yes, you did. You repeated the same emoji 5 times.

spamming is right a message and right another one same with it

No, the thing you described is “not using edit button”


i dont think it was spamming

And we think it was.

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ok if u say tho , lets delete everything

It ACTUALLY HAD BEEN nerfed, it was even harder than as it is right now.

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I used to lose a lot of lives in the beginning. But after playing for a long time, I don’t lose any lives anymore.

Yes,this difficulty makes it attractive.