Problem with searching the new member in squadron

I have a problem in searching the new member to add it
When I’m searching the name of the member
It doesn’t give me the results of it

From your screenshot it appears you have reached the maximum number of members (9). You’ll need to remove some members before inviting more players.

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:thinking::joy: I was surprised to see myself…
Don’t worry, if some people don’t join in your squadron (Tick with dashed lines) more time, you can remove them, just select someone and delete

Could this be made clearer through diſabling the ſearch box and giving an error meſſage when the uſer clicks it?

Which is exactly what the game does now. If you click on the disabled search button (magnifying glass), you’ll get a message saying why it’s disabled.


Hmm. Maybe I ſhould check how the game works before making ſuggeſtions for improving it.


Can someone add me to a squadron :xd4d:

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