Problem with "Extra Slots"

All I know about buying extra slots is that you buy slots to unlock the locked slots in your flagship mission config, so when I had all the slots unlocked then why can I still buy more? What will it do? Is this a bug?

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Will, I suggest it to be disabled when there is no more slots to unlock.

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How many spacecraft do you have? Are you sure all of its slots are unlocked?

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It’s intended. The H&C 101 only has 6 slots, so that’s why you can buy up to 24 extra slots.
The max amount of slots there are is 30.

Even if your ship has 20 slots by default, you can still buy over 10 extra slots, as it will still apply to all the other ships you own.

I have 3 and all of their slots are unlocked and I still be able to buy extra slots.

It’s intended (bug maybe?)

The game does not let you buy more than 24 extra slots. Are you sure you can buy more than 24 extra slots?

It’s a bug because you’re not supposed to buy extra slots if all of your slots are unlocked.

I haven’t reached 24 extra slots, but all of my Spacecrafts slots are unlocked.

Like I was saying: The extra slots applies to ALL your ships. That means even if you don’t have a H&C 101 (Which has 6 slots), and only own a BX-9 (which has 20 slots), you can still buy 24. The extra slot limit is based on the H&C 101’s default slots, which means you can buy 24 no matter what.


Got it, thanks for the information :+1:.

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