Problem with Download Early Access

When I try to download the new version of the game it automatically closes my new tab and I do not receive the download.
I’m the only one with this problem ?

IA is still fixing it, but copy the download link and open it on a new tab and it will download, otherwise we don’t know what happened

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If you have IDM (Internet download manager), copy the download link into that.


Well i said a faster way


Thank you everyone for help!

uhh you should search / or see before making a topic @Vior3l
okay ?
cuz it floods the forum
Just A Reminder

I said to copy the download link into IDM and not in a new tab. :wink: I knew you answered too.

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I don’t know, but this happened to me too, using chrome in pc. I tried both with and without fdm but still doesn’t work. Funnily enough chrome in my phone does work though.

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I’ve updated the download post (⬇ Download Early Access) with some new links that should work. Let me know if you’re still having problems.