Problem when connecting

So I just downloaded the game, been a fan of the franchise for years, but this error is preventing me from connecting, I saw a topic with this same error but it was locked so hope that making a new one won’t be too much of a problem, I tried connecting in window mode, turned off the firewall, switched from tethered mobile data to Wi-Fi and to no avail.

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It happens sometimes. The server will be up eventually.

The server is down.

Where is the pinned post about the server status, anyway?

Here it says that the server is up, so I figured it could be something on my end.

IA has to change the post manually,but they’re currently offline,so they can’t.

First, welcome to the forum!
And second, you’ll just have to wait it out. iA must solve the issue when he can.

Server is back up. Will investigate reason for crash.