Problem to login game

guys when i enter game and when click the save the world not login game.

internet and more has okay but not log in game. any problem in game server?
and also yersterday have log game but today is not. pls help i need go game and fly galactic cup group missions

Be paitent.

ye bro i paitent
but what happend?

Try leaving and reconnecting until you can log in.

is it ferquent?

Edit please

Check your router maybe it overheat

Or program’s running connection


ye bro is ferquent

Watch your words man.

bro i just said ferquent
problem in my words?
is not bad word

I think you meant your word but (thanks)

anyway bruh.

i check but program not run connection

also i check router but not hot

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Did you let me see take screen shot of task manager on your pc?

u have discord?

Of course

my id: ImAn Lol(:#6820
request friend me

Found it

request friend me

bro! i send u wrong id sorry