Problem about HUD Progress Meter

A very long time I didn’t play CIU usually anymore. So I don’t understand why HUD progress meter which I bought doesn’t work anymore now, exactly it only appears when I fight the Boss.
I don’t usually visit page and read update patches so I didn’t remember exactly when it was appeared.
By the way, Utensil Poker used to be a good weapon, but now this one like a trash. Low burst, fast heating-sink, although I upgraded it maximum levels. With a new player like me, it’s very hard to walkthrough systems without mountable like missles, extra life,satellites,… when every systems have same difficulty.
I hope the weapons will be balanced perfectly, or turn back to previous version. It was a good memory. :frowning_face:


Did you equip the progress meter after buying it? If not, it won’t appear on normal waves, only on boss waves.

Also, it should be #early-access, not #site-feedback, as it’s about CIU.

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oof, sorry for my bad. this is first topic and i don’t know where it would be supposed to.
with basic hatchling, I don’t have any mountable slot to equip it, but i still worked before.

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Anything about CIU goes to #early-access, ideas about CIU goes to #ideas, anything site related goes to #site-feedback, CI related goes to #chicken-invaders

If there’s a free slot and it’s mounted, it should appear on normal waves, not only boss waves. If the slots are full, free one of them.

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