Predictions for Forum Update

Hi there :muscle:. if you allow me to show my ideas :bulb: to improve this community plz let me say. I want you to notice that I am interested in sharing ideas with you all.

First : I think IA Studios will create an android app named (Chicken Invaders Forum) soon. It will be easier for visiting website using phone :iphone:

Second : I think IA Studios may finish the Early Access Version next year and finish the beta version. I feel that after adding events rewards to the game. MAYBE IN 2023

Finally : I think IA maybe add creating group feature to the forum this will allow users to share ideas be admins to each group



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CIU Is still going to be on Early Access so we don’t know whenever it’s going to be released or not

Privating messages to other users exist so thaat you can invite them

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But that’s already a thing, it asks you bt default if you want to download the app.

I hope it lasts longer, game is getting better and having new cool features.

You mean to message someone privately, then invite more users to to it?

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No . I pointed here to Facebook creating group feature. Hopefully be available!

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Time will tell.

If it is not my prediction. There is a developer who can turn our dream into real

I attmite to you that you are totally right. I just tell what is my feelings. I am happy to have a good person as you. Even early access finish will be still updated. I mean beta program finishing not game update

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Beta Program maybe finish. Not Game Update. The Game will be still updated even after finishing beta

Sorry, I got you wrong :sweat_smile:

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