Pre-Purchase Ship Customization (PPSC)/ Monthly Fanart Contest and other Art Features


So before you buy a ship, the game will show you options, either A:Customize your ship before buying it, which will cost money, which will add to money required to purchase a ship, if you decide not to buy th ship, the game will ask if you want to save the design when you decide to buy said ship in the future. Or Option B, No, you will keep the OG paintjob and customize it later.

Monthly Fanart Contest
So this idea Randomly appeared in my mind, Anyways, You can make Art/Animation, Via apps like MS paint, Adobe Animate and Wick Editor, etc etc. So you can submit your art to the CIU forums, Either possibility is A:Your art is in the Top 30 best Monthly Art Submission, There will be a reward for the Winner + other competitors of the contest, to claim the Aforementioned award You must add your callsign to your submission , so once the top 3 are decided.

A message will appear in the Inbox, in the “Important” section then you click a button and Voila!, you get [INSERT AMOUNT OF KEYS I.A.CHOOSES], or B: the art will end up in the The Art Section , It looks like a canvass and some art material and it is a section dedicated to the artist who paint chicken hunters alike , the callsign of the submitter will be addded to it.

A few more Ideas To MFC, a medal for the winner of the competition to add to their medal collection, a special logo added to their callsign (Like the one for the CHL) showing a empty canvass and the color will be Yellow, or whatever IA wishes.

those are my ideas :slight_smile:

Maybe, add a museum in the galaxy to display the arts, like the heroeware, if it is added though, does this activate galaxy reset


Well, if this idea been accepted, so we should show all our paint work at Heroware, since that place sell ship :whale:

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