Power saving

Unlike previous CI episodes CIU doesn’t disable Power saving options making you sleep during a fight with some chicks.

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what do you mean???

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Like screen saver and automatic sleep.

I don’t understand…

CIU used before to prevent PC from sleeping.

I don’t mess around with power saving options at all. Perhaps there’s some difference between DirectX 9 and 11.

Your computer should definitely not go to sleep while you’re playing, however. If there’s any mouse or keyboard input it should keep it awake (uncertain about gamepads/joysticks). Are you playing with a gamepad/joystick?


Keyboard and mouse and also i was eating a sandwitch while afk in battle in a safe spot that chicks can’t touch me in a daily challenge then my pc went asleep.

Then the game closed right?

My computer saves everything turned on to it’s state

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Good for you, mine closes the game instantly, but he good thing is I don’t lost any equipment.



I wanted to hear nice mucsic while eating!!!


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And see chicks try hard to kill me but can’t.


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