Power limited spacecrafts can have one more powerup when reaching level 20

@InterAction_studios Since the EA topic was closed I’ll just post here.
Can power limited spacecrafts have either extra or or the normal power limit value once reaching Level 20?
Just so the “Max Power” bonus make sense.
For example, we have 7 firepower limited spacecraft, once it reaches level 20+ it’s 8 or 7 as long as levels between 6 and 20 remain 6.


So is it a power 6 or power 7 limited spacecraft? Anyways H&C301 would end up having all power levels with this unless we’d nerf it. Also wouldn’t it make more sense for max power to be 10fp away just like it is with mullers and bombers?

Well, we can always end up using the other choice of leaving the final firepower level as level 20
Mullers and bombers aren’t limited, are they?

Yeah? H&Cs were nerfed precisely so you’d be encouraged to get something better.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Müllers are technically listed as not having a power limit, but in practice they have a power limit of 10 + max power because that’s how all of the weapons are set up. Bombers have limits of 14/16/18 + max power. Max power is always 10 levels above the listed limit.

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