Power limit is annoying

i have idea same with him



no, besides the 8 9 10 20 FP cap there’s no improvements in the 11-19 region, or if it was BX

well yes power limit is annoying, but can you imagine how unbalanced stuff would become when you remove it?
anyway i do think iA should raise the power limit, or just add an extra firepower level on fp-limited ships at a high level, like 30+ fp

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And we still change something, not to change all

This is like a hidden dislike counter.

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The pool even is a multiple options, where the options contradict.
If you remove fp limit, why upgrade it?

I also think power limit was the best balancing they made. What I don’t like is the bx-9 nerf.
I wanted to try the ultimate weapon usage.

You still can tho? It just requires 28fp rather than 20fp.

38 fp, and i want 40


wrong numbers, i mean 20fp bx-9

It never had that.
And what is the fp38 supposed to be?

the current bx-9 fp limit.

Bx-9 stops at 18fp, with max power at 28fp(10fp+10fp). Not at 38fp.

Positron Stream at max level
5 fire satellites

The Squawk Block missions will surrender to you.

This is totally relevant to the topic.

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