Potential Level bug?

Hello, i’m not sure if this may of already been reported but while flying an assignment I ran across this level, when they closed together I thought maybe they would open again but they never did, because of this I was unable to use the anomely to manuever around and finish the level.

Any thoughts? Has anybody had this problem? :fried_egg:

(Edit) This screenshot has additional iformation:

You need to act fast before they close in.


You were supposed to destroy the barriers by using anomaly zones in order to pass this wave

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Not a very smart level design to be honest.

You could use other weapons like Ion Blaster so that you can bypass this wave

While that would be a nice idea you can’t always guarentee what drops

Trash compactor is a machine that squeeze your trash.

In this case, you are trash no insults added, just some literal stuff


No offense but you should be thankful that it’s like that. When it was first added all barriers were egg-shaped. Like they were really hard to break, so at least now it easier to destroy the cages and reach enemies quicker. The real pain waves are like “The Fortress” but you don’t see me complaining because waves can’t be removed that easily. Pro players find it a challenge and wants it to have fun beating hard waves like it.

So basically either get used to it or play easier missions.

Please don’t take me wrong. I used to suggest to remove Cowards from some waves to make the game easier but it didn’t get accepted and other users said what I told you above.

Tbh it could be passed with even Absolver. You just need to focus more, time your shots and dodge the bullets like image or image :wink:


o’hey it’s worth a try, be nice to of known that it wouldn’t reopen seeing as trash compactors don’t stay closed forever lol

Someone close this topic, it’s going nowhere. :+1:

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Any wave, should be able to be passed, at any time with any weapon. And just telling “git gud” and “be thankful”, is well… what can I say, except that’s kinda toxic.

Meanwhile, we should figure out a solution for Trash Compactor that doesn’t allow for getting stuck and going “guess I’ll die”, while maintaining the original purpose of the wave. Perhaps periodically opening and closing? That’s how Trash Compactors work, right?


Well said Enhawk, glad someone else noticed the snarky toxicity level in here… :hatching_chick:


Trash Compactor was designed to have time pressure, that’s why it only appears in difficulties 60%+. Nevertheless, I take your point about getting cornered into an unwinnable situation (cough special weapons cough).

Changed in v.67 :medal_sports: Idea


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