[Potential Idea] Life Quality Shop Overhaul

So, this thread isn’t anything particularly special but I’d like to leave a few thoughts regarding items and shops in the game

Part 1 - “This item should be sold elsewhere”

Now, the main thought I had were how Licenses being sold at Fortune Tellers don’t make sense. Squadron License is better off sold at the Hero Academy, due to the simple thing that leading a squad may require academy training, while Off-Road License may be better off at Heroware since they sell Spacecraft stuff, including Spacecrafts themselves. I acknowledged that this potential change may give Fortune Tellers less options to buy, so I tried to think of what could potentially go for them. Backgrounds should likely be moved from Aftermarket to Fortune Tellers, even though backgrounds are cosmetic, I was never able to make any sense of why they were sold at the Aftermarket when they affect visual space environment. Though Music may remain at the Aftermarket since audio effects work differently from visual effects. The main reason why backgrounds should be moved to Fortune Tellers is thanks to potential myths of how they may cause visual changes during their Fortune Telling.

Part 2 - Intermediate Heatsinks, Thrusters, Reactors.

I was wondering why would those exist when you can just buy the best ones right away? It feels like these three have to be locked on tiers, similarly to missions. For example, Cubic Boron Arsenide Heatsink, Hall-Effect Thruster and Proton-proton Chain Reactor should only be available for purchase starting Tier 50 or higher. I didn’t really think too much on this part though, but there needs to be a reason to buy the intermediate equipment before the best.


As for fortune tellers, to make them more useful, maybe they could offer you some hints and tips or something


This is absolute genius.


But what about players have own these items before tier 50?

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Early Access though? Once inventories get reset it’s not a problem.


This. It’s like being able to get Endgame gear when you’ve only just started.
But… Seeing it from a business perspective, the heroware would just be trying to sell stuff, not restrict stuff.


“Whosoever equips this heat sink, if he be worthy, shall wield the power of the Authentic Hero.”

But in all seriousness, restrictions apply. You don’t get authorized to use the most destructive military gear when you first sign up to the army.


In all honesty,the chief thing that makes all this so easily accessible is the existence of the Galactic Store.

Except that there’s nothing destructive about using better heatsinks, thrusters and reactors. It’s not like you’re using some kind of experimental weapon that can be very dangerous to the UHF in the wrong hands. Sure, your standard equipment will be basic in comparison to what’s available to higher ranking members but that’s due to cost-cutting reasons.

I personally feel like the Galactic store should offer only the basic Copper Heat Sink, Mr Fusion Reactor and the Electrostatic Ion Thruster. As for the higher tier parts, they should have a chance of appearing in the galactic store, for example the Cubic Boron Arsenide has a 2% chance of appearing in the galactic store while the Aluminium Nitride has an 85% chance of appearing.
This would give the more expensive parts a “diminishing returns” sort of effect, not in terms of in game performance, but in terms of accessibility. This “diminishing returns” effect should be exponential so as to increase the usage of intermediate parts.

As for actual Heroware stores, they should increase your chances of stumbling upon higher tier parts by 33% as well as provide Uncommon, Rare and Legendary parts.

That way it would give the higher tier parts more value, and it would be realistic as well since better and more expensive things are in general harder to find in real life.
Obviously the numbers need tweaking but as long as they’re in this exponential “Diminishing Returns” pattern, I’ll be fine with it.

Lemme know what you think and may the Forks be with you!


Have I ever told you the legend of… the Kitchen Sink?

I thought not. It’s not a story the UHF would tell you. It’s a Chicken legend.

The Kitchen Sink was the greatest heat sink to ever exist, so powerful and so unrealistically expensive it could cool itself into negative heat values…

It had such a great capacity that it could even fire a Plasma Rifle on automatic.

Not from a Heroware.

The high-tier restrictions are a pathway to many mountables some consider to be… unbalanced.

It became so powerful… the only thing it was vulnerable to was newbies equipping it to underpowered reactors, which eventually, of course, they did.

Unfortunately, one recruit saved up to buy one in the early game, then their unprepared H&C exploded in the most violent, fiery inferno the galaxy has ever seen.

Ironic. It could cool down other weapons of mass destruction, but not itself.

…sorry. :joy:

Basically my point is that it’s pretty easy to come up with an excuse for why you shouldn’t be putting this stuff in the wrong hands, even though it’s not weaponry.


I swear to god, that’s genius lol! Also, how about writing the rest of my fanfic while you’re at it? joke.png pls Don flag am potat


This is very reasonable. As you said exactly.


Actually I was almost inspired to write my own when I saw that, but I don’t currently have tons and tons of time to do something like that.

Maybe if the chapters were really short I could pull it off. :wink:


This is a GLORIOUS parody and it did really make me crack up, thank you Kylo, you’ve made my day!

But on a more serious note, how the hell did that recruit manage to get to the UHF with common sense that poor? It’s stuff taught in primary school in the modern age and since the game takes place 100 years in the future with appropriately advanced technology, it’s reasonable to assume that humans have gotten smarter overall. So such stuff might have been taught at a younger age than right now. Also, won’t there be safety regulations to avoid that kinda stuff?

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That’s the tier restrictions. :wink:

What a sad story.(rip recruit #1235524666678 died because of a reactor overload)


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