Post your longest and most interesting travels


I met BTChickenHunter and this flight longs near 9,5 minutes. Also, will the game bug if someone use Cyrillic nametag? I never seen someone with Cyrillic before.


Idk why one of the missions isnt unlocked.


This is Tier 48 mission, mine is 47.


Oh ok :smiley: I ask about it because i am 99.


There are flight boost upgrades, just sayin’.


You changed my world


What about travel from the bottom left to top right or from bottom right to top left


I need to collect enough fuel and 30 free minutes. I will do it for sure later.




diss track flashbacks intensify


i’m serbian so i’ll try to input a cyrillic name ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Thank you, i found place with all shops