Post your keybinds

Hi, I just like to make a topic about sharing your KEYBOARD playstyle. You can post how you play the game with a keyboard here!

If you are using the default mode, you don’t need to show it (unless if you want to)

for me, I mixed the Standard SHMUP keybinds with a hint of Roblox in it. What about yours?

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use control like gta series style

Default Style for me.

Change the special weapon keybind near to the satellites keybind for easier to activate
Everything Is default keybind

I don’t have up/down controls, A/D for sideways (good for The Fortress),
Q for fire, W for special weapons, and E for satellites.
with special weapons cycle left/right being S/2 respectively.

Mouse controls are the same.

I use mouse + keyboard combo controls. Find it a lot more convenient to fire.

What kind of keyboard set is this?

Im a Touhou Project player.

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Like you but I never use keyboard except click fire space only

I don’t have any either

Here’s mine:

I use both mouse, touchpad and keyboard to play.
+) I used mouse only to move by my right hand (which is my dominant hand)
+) I fire my primary weapon by the left mouse button under the touchpad by my left hand’s thumb
+) I used other left hand’s fingers to fire satelites or precision movement (ring finger), special weapons (index finger), cycle special weapons (either index, middle or ring finger)
+) If I wanted to pause or chat, I leave the mouse and press by my right hand’s index finger.
+) I type text by 2 hands so generally I will temporary stop playing to chat.


Cool keybinds, I like them ngl


Cool keybinds.

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Lol sorry, what a ridiculous typo error.

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@InterAction_studios rate my setup





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