Post your hardest bosses tier list

ignore the advert, OKAY?
chicken multplicity is a mid B
exponentialy (cant spell) is s tier (especially the chick gatling gun part)
brothers reunited is top A
oh, and cannonade is in it depends
in ssh
it depends tier is how many projetiles and how much you need to dodge
And when you send me your tier list, tell me the other bosses like cannonade, exponentially because they’re not included


Wait Forget That, i found the tierlist of that, this is my tier:
(I didnt really understand this tierlist, goes very confusing to me)

If anyone wants to do their own tier list, heres the link:


Wheres The “Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade


I think we should do this but with the enemies.

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Ok, tali’s

Alright so this is my boss tier list

Base on how many death I got from fighting them.

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i think apple core is A, or top B
for mysterious shipp is a definite S, i have a phobia when i fight againist him
and yolk star, i have to use amplifier and phase outs just to beat him

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Here’s my list


what? they’re easy

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no mr coffin

Wheres cannonade ima put it in F
I beat it 5 times with 1 live

you are pro, i cant find cannonade

Same u

You mean the tier 72 guy is pro?

I mean that you are a pro

It’s my opinion, mah boi.

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I noticed that there is no Iron Chef and Ice Golem.