Post your CIU challenges here

Like “post your dares” things, giving normal CI gameplay a rule that makes the game increase difficulty

If you did a gameplay with an insane rule that makes the game way harder for you and you recorded it, post it here.

Ex: copper heatsink, moron railgun, charity only, etc. etc.

This is one of mine


get 15 overheats

Challenge 1. TIDY UP!!!


Challenge 3. FULL OF MERCY?

You may just post just the challenge right?

how abt winning an elite 100%-100% boss rush mission only moron railgun and no more than that
It is impossible ( almost )

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I dare YOU (you can choose all of you want) to: (restriction: NO SPECIAL WEAPONS, SATELLITES, LIVES AND PERISHABLES ALLOWED)

  1. “The worst, moron” ;
    play double rapier (tourist is allowed) unprepared with moron, or with bomber starting at lvl 0 (it IS allowed for charity, only with bx6 to 8, no legendaries)
  2. “Hey, cannonade is EZ”
    Play a stage that has cannonade with bomber (BX6 -8 only, NO LEGENDARIES ALLOWED) in ssh with only moron or sth garbage against it: vulcan (if you use Vulcan, NEVER EVER grab the powerups)
  3. GAME THEORY: is it possible to defeat multiplicity with mass condensers?:
    Just like the title, defeat multiplicity ONLY by smashing yourself (the chickenaut part you can do whatever)
  4. “Riddle: death is real”
    Get it?
    defeat a chicken invasion, at least 4x10, with 90-100% difficulty, with ONLY riddler (you can use special weapons if you like)
  5. “is neutron garbage?”
    use neutron in supernova, or feathers
  6. “Absolver beam? More like… A*solver beam”
    Beat a boss rush 100%-100%, with ONLY absolver (IA, please buff absolver to AT LEAST 40000 damage in fp20 full charge, currently absolver is pathetic)
  7. “spare the ECCCC”
    only attack when the ECCCCC does the laser attack (phase 1)
    only attack when the cannonade does the egg attack (phase 2 and 3)

The way you talk hurts my throat.

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Ikr, you can do any of the above, you say insane

Play any mission,any difficulty with any weapon,Blindfolded


Rly?, hara?

Now that was real INSANE

no, too many enemies spawn there, while you can only have 28 lives with 3 mass condensers


Fly any normal long mission, 100% + SSH with any non-rare bomber, using riddler or corn. And feel how recoil might kill you.

Huh, you’re lucky. I had a stroke. I survived. Can’t say the same for Godzilla though.

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Do these two:
Well stuffed
Cannot collect any foods.
Fresh on the scene
Use a loadout of only the starter equipment you get on startup.
Do these two on a mission with a base difficulty of at least 80%. Any difficulty allowed.

play any mission but you have to shoot without stopping even after overheat you will have to keep to hold mouse.

Defeat Feather Brain without using any anomaly.


Play a darkness mission (but with no equipment, and a non rarity spacecraft), any difficulty, any duration, any weapon to make the challenge a lil bit merciful but with a stock weapon and don’t pick up anything. No food no powerup, Pick nothing.

Someone told me to come here so…


Play an 100%-100% meteor storm, but only gain points by grazing

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I played , and with my tactics I survived without using mines or satellite