Post your CI funny Moments

Funny Moments

Post any type of funny Moments That happened to you in any CI games

Even if it is a story a video or about thing that happened In the oldest CI game

Any thing about Chicken invaders
:joy: :joy:


i was playing ciu once and then i shit my pants

the end


another one?


Lol only lol!


I got jumpscared by CI2 big chicken explosion (and ship as well, i was at max volume)


bring the sattelites to do the unprepareness
also this too

am i the only one who play this naut naut shit with morn?


I wanted to dare some doofus but then I got bored on wave 1 so i quit, bastard beat me hard so lost 7 points, but it was funny

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Xd nice try
How hard it would be to get the satalite with moron power 3

Nice bro

Why are you making fun of everything?

One day I was trying to go through a difficult stage with just one life and at the same time I was drinking coffee. After a few attempts, I finally succeeded and jumped up with joy,:partying_face: but it was at that moment that I accidentally hit the coffee’s mug, the coffee spilled right on my laptop. It is still alive, but the speaker on the right makes a scratching sound in high volumes :expressionless: :joy:
(Not funny at all, more tragedy, right?)

because one day i saw this reply and shat my pants

I mean funny not tragedy

Talking about moron gun
It doesn’t need any buffs

Let’s revive that

revive what?

Guys post your funny moments bec there is non + the videos/streams topic closed so i opened this instead

I was fithing chicken multiplicity and a small chicken started shining, i thought it was a key so i rammed my ship into it like a moron


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