Post Your Chicken Invaders Moments!

This Isnt A Video Uploading That Is A Topic You Tell Your CIU Moments In It Feel Free To Say.

Other topics already exist for that, by the way. Memes, Epic/Interesting Waves, Chatting Place…

I Mean Tell Your CIU Moments Funny Moments Or Other Things Like A Victory Moment

First Time I Met Burgermeister It Was In Darkness And Electric Lol

Fits more into the Chatting Place.

You Mean Post It In There?


Ok But can i delete this topic?

If you wish so. I won’t force you.

Ok but how to

Once a topic has replies, it can’t be deleted. It can only be deleted if it has no replies in it, so your only choice is to ask IA.

Where is the IA

Oh Send A Message?

Again, yes.

Ok Lemme Send A One

Successfully Send To The Moderators

AYO Watch My topics

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